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Satisfy your

Meet your investors' growth expectations using the jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) framework

 “JTBD lets you step back from your business and understand the objectives of the people you serve.
… JTBD seeks to reduce the inherent risk in innovation and ensure product-market fit”

Jim Kalbach, The Jobs To Be Done Playbook

We can help:


Get professional help:
order JTBD research of your customers

Figure what matters to your customers and what do they consider as competition to your product?

Improve your offering, develop new features, and reduce operating costs.

Meet your customer acquisition targets next month.

3 weeks

Learn how to start:
Book a JTBD mentor session


Get a second opinion about your options and ideas from an experienced practitioner.

Define your market, research objectives, and interview questions. Review your product and marketing backlog according to your customers' JTBD. 

2,5 hours

Boost your team:
Attend a JTBD Bootcamp 


Get a practical experience with the JTBD framework. Become great at creating and selling products that people will buy.

Teams get more motivated, build consensus, and share a vision when
they do Customer Jobs research together. 

12 days

Not yet sure what you need?

Let's schedule a short call to discuss your ambitions, constraints, and alternatives.

We'll help you decide which approach would work best in your case.

45 minutes, FREE

We are market detectives

We help uncover customers' motives. 


Oleg Koss

Founder, strategic designer

Oleg loves people and business. His corporate experience and an Executive MBA degree help him speak on equal terms with top managers and business owners.

Oleg has solid experience in defining jobs to be done and designing outstanding solutions. Using empathy with customers, he finds ways to expand the market and grow your share of it.

Oleg’s consulting experience encompasses retail, banking, telcos, real estate, transport, e-commerce, and other industries.


Oleg Balakin

Consultant, service designer

Oleg is an experienced service and business designer. With successful projects in retail, insurance, energy, pharma, e-commerce, and humanitarian sectors, he has a holistic understanding of business and its customers.

His natural curiosity and JTBD framework empower him to understand customers’ root cause motivations. 

Bold creativity and strong facilitation skills help Oleg to lead product teams to success.


Though many are familiar with the phrase "jobs-to-be-done" (JTBD), few have significant experience applying it to real markets.

We helped 50+ mature companies and startups in diverse industries from finance and automotive to healthcare and education. To name a few:


An online marketplace serving 200M+ customers in 16 countries


One of the largest insurance groups in Central and Eastern Europe


Major international telecommunication brand


One of the largest financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe


#2 real-estate portal in UA

“With your research the solution became so obvious. How come I did not know it?”

V. Danil,

“I wish I ivite you to the project earlier.”

Y. Zolot,

“Partnering with Lanka was my best investment during the first year of my startup”

A. Nikolenko,

You've read until here. 
It seems we understand your job-to-be-done well :)

Let's study your customers and grow your product as it deserves.

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