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Competition forces traditional retail to radical changes. Customer loyalty, category management and private label development, new formats, and omnichannel service model.
We provide a deeper understanding of customer needs as a prerequisite for successful transformation.

Boosting product/category sales

The logic of choosing a product of a particular category remains a mystery even for the consumer himself. We will help you understand the buyer's reasons and design effective solutions to increase sales by 20%-500%.

Building a Customer Experience Quality Control System

Most service companies regularly disturb their customers with surveys to measure NPS®, CSI, and other vital metrics. Unfortunately, only in rare cases do customers’ answers drive improvement in service quality. For the company to change for the better, it is necessary to build a process that will engage all business units to improve the quality of their work.

Employee experience improvement

Happy employees make your customers happier. The times when competitive wages and bonuses guaranteed employees’ loyalty are long gone. Modern companies use human-centric methods for both external and internal customers. To create a service-oriented culture within the organization, you must implement an effective system of measuring employee experience and designing internal services.

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