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Service companies

Banks, telecoms, logistics, and insurance companies must continuously improve the quality of services for business customers and end-users. We implement a holistic customer experience management system in large enterprises: from prioritizing service gaps to creating innovative products.

Starting a new product or service

The launch of innovative services is always comes with a risk. It is unknown whether investments will be returned to the development, implementation and promotion of the service. Service design is a methodology that allows you to quickly and qualitatively distinguish the archetypes of potential customers, find out their real needs, find and quickly check ideas,  meet the needs of the most profitable customers and win competition. The methodology of service design is equally effective both in the development of services for end consumers and for business clients.

Improvement of existing products and services

Only 5% of customers complain about the poor quality of products and services. The rest are silently leaving to competitors. To see your service through customers’ eyes, conduct a qualitative study of customer experience. We help you to understand critical customer pains, improve your service and retain the customer base.

Solving customers’ requests

You can waste efforts on quickly and efficiently solving every user’s request. Or you can improve the product so the client would have no reason for questions or complaints. We will find the root cause of the requests and propose changes to your products and services service that will dramatically reduce the number of customer inquiries. Our experience shows that 4-7 major topics are responsible for up to 80% of all customer requests.

Reduce Customer churn

Customer churn is the biggest threat to services used by thousands or millions of customers. By combining analytical and ethnographic methods, we identify the segments of the clients that churn out, highlight the primary causes and propose how to retain the customers.

Building a Customer Experience Quality Control System
Loyalty management

Most service companies regularly disturb their customers with surveys to measure NPS®, CSI, and other vital metrics. Unfortunately, only in rare cases do customers’ answers drive improvement in service quality. For the company to change for the better, it is necessary to build a process that will engage all business units to improve the quality of their work.

Embedding service design to the organization

Leading companies across the globe develop in-house service design expertise. Experienced agencies like Lanka provide support in training and coaching service designers, placing a design unit in the organization, and developing operational models for service design within the company.

Employee experience improvement

Happy employees make your customers happier. The times when competitive wages and bonuses guaranteed employees’ loyalty are long gone. Modern companies use human-centric methods for both external and internal customers. To create a service-oriented culture within the organization, you must implement an effective system of measuring employee experience and designing internal services.

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