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Human-centric innovations

Competition forces companies to adapt to fast-changing customer expectations. We help find insights, build services that customers like, and guarantee business success.

Starting a new product or service

Starting a new product or service
The launch of innovative services is always comes with a risk. It is unknown whether investments will be returned to the development, implementation and promotion of the service. Service design is a methodology that allows you to quickly and qualitatively distinguish the archetypes of potential customers, find out their real needs, find and quickly check ideas,  meet the needs of the most profitable customers and win competition. The methodology of service design is equally effective both in the development of services for end consumers and for business clients.

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Designing a service for business-clients

Online platforms often serve both end-customers and business clients (merchants). Moreover, monetization happens at the expense of the latter. While it is easier to empathize with the individual user, it is often difficult to guess the needs of B-clients. We help companies to launch products and services that business clients enjoy.

Effective monetization of services

Going from free to paid services is always stressful for the customer. It is crucial to relieve emotional stress, convey the benefits and value of a paid service, and respond to basic questions. 

A quick test of new ideas

If you talk to a client for the first time after you have created an MVP - you are too late. We will help you crash-test your idea with potential customers within 2-3 days – before you invest time and money in making your first mockup. 

Embedding service design to the organization

Leading companies across the globe develop in-house service design expertise. Experienced agencies like Lanka provide support in training and coaching service designers, placing a design unit in the organization, and developing operational models for service design within the company.

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