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We empower large organizations on their path to human-centricity

We help you make progress in understanding your customers
We design services that exceed their expectations
We support you to the moment of receiving business outcomes

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Our services



Competition forces traditional retail to radical changes. Customer loyalty, category management and private label development, new formats, and omnichannel service model. We provide a deeper understanding of customer needs as a prerequisite for successful transformation. More...

Service companies

Service companies

Banks, telecoms, logistics, and insurance companies must continuously improve the quality of services for business customers and end-users. We implement a holistic customer experience management system in large enterprises: from prioritizing service gaps to creating innovative products. More...

E-commerce and startups

E-commerce and startups

Interfaces are only a part of services. What happens to the user before and after interacting with the website or app determines the value of the service as a whole. We research customer needs and design holistic service models for mature companies and startups. More...

Our clients

We work with market leaders, helping them to retain customers and identify new growth opportunities. In partnership with Lanka, they discover customer needs and improve their customer experience







Other industries


Who we are

We are people. Positive, enthusiastic, intelligent, different.

Innovators. We design out-of-the-box solutions based on a deep understanding of customer needs.
Business consultants. We read numbers; we are experienced in management, sales, marketing, finance, operations, and HR.
Researchers. We follow, listen, and observe people to understand their true motives. 
Facilitators. We help a group of experts to form a team, enrich each other, reach a consensus, and design a service.

We are in love with people. We profess a human-centric approach to business.

Read more: about us, our team, and how we work

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