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How we work

1. How does the project with Lanka start?

It starts with your request :)

For example: "We see improving the service quality as our priority. Can you help us?"

Or: "From books and lectures, I heard about service design. I think it can bring benefits to our company. Help us to make our first steps."

"We are launching a new service  and want to ensure this is what customers need."

"We want to organize our team's training to boost customer-centric skills."


If you find it difficult to formulate a request but need to discuss with someone a topic related to customer experience, service design, or innovative experiences – drop us a message.

On the call, we will help you to frame your challenge.
We only make an offer when we know precisely why you need our services

2. What is the role of Lanka consultants?
  • We are strategists. We look at your business from your customer's perspective and help you see the barriers and opportunities your daily routine hides from you.

  • We help to formulate your business challenge to include the needs of your users.

  • We engage participants and facilitate the process so that each team member contributes to the overall result. We advise on the optimal composition of the project team.

  • We propose research methods that allow you to discover the unspoken needs of your customers

  • Lanka.CX consultants support your project team in testing and implementing prototypes. We speed up the project and reduce the risk of failure.

  • We conduct audits and build a holistic system for customer experience management.

3. What are the deliverables of our projects?
  • In smaller projects, it is a persona description, a customer journey, and a list of proposed improvements.

  • In the more complex ones - a clickable application prototype, service scripts, service blueprint, etc.

  • In the transformational projects, it is an established in-house customer experience unit, service standards, the process of surveying clients and reacting to complaints, 1-2 trained in-house service designers able to execute projects, and more.

Our cases

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