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Customer Experience Management 

Not "chips", but a system

Very practical course for top managers

September 22 - October 8, 2020



When Amazon announced plans to provide medical services, shares of medical companies in the United States fell by $ 30 billion.

Investors are confident that an uncompromising focus on customer experience will allow Amazon to squeeze the old-timers of the market.

Monobank 's strategy, based on customer experience, turned the Ukrainian banking market upside down and allowed it to achieve more in a year than others have achieved in decades.

John Deere, Kone

and other B2B manufacturers are moving from a product to a service business model to increase profits through long-term relationships with their customers.

Excellent customer experience of leaders can make even global companies retreat. Thus, Uber could not gain a foothold in China, and UberEats - in Ukraine. -servic design agency

You Executive Director, Head of Marketing, Products, Sales, Service of the largest companies

Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan

You do not need to be convinced of the need to engage in customer experience and service

You have already implemented experience management elements: work applications, service standards, _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_ 136bad5cfd

You have the position of Client Management Manager experience or you are thinking about the need for such a specialist

You want to maximize the return on your efforts and understand the value of a systems approach

This course is for you if:

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As well as other companies. Join

On the course  we will assemble all threads combined to create 31905-55d-585

What you get as a result


Learn the main stages of the evolution of the customer experience system on the examples of leading Ukrainian and global companies


Create your own roadmap for the development of customer experience management system, evaluate the ROI and get individual advice on it


You can avoid common mistakes when building a customer experience system


Assess the financial benefits of implementing a systematic approach to customer experience in your company


Find arguments to involve other stakeholders in the customer-centric transformation process

The Lanka.CX team

We practices that proshli bad3cb58_863905-5cb-136c5bc-136b5 -cb- And not  times.

We've been to you,  we know what you're up to  and what to do.


Oleg Koss 


He built a customer experience management system at Kyivstar

Advised FUIB Bank,

Nova Poshta, EVA, OLX,


He headed product and marketing departments in lifecell, Ukrtelecom, Beeline


Natalia Shmatko 



She built a customer experience management system at FUIB and Multiplex

She headed the divisions of customer experience, service quality and operational vertical in Kyivstar, FUIB, Multiplex


Bank South, SAT


Oleg Balakin 


Implemented service design projects for EVA, Uniqa, Kyivpharm, DiXi Group

Trained Prozorro design service,
jooble, lifecell 

Developed and implemented marketing communications for Silpo, Nestle, EVA, NOVUS, ARKO


Training format

Detailed question and answer session at the end of each lesson

Homework on the examples of your company

30-minute one-on-one counseling session with a teacher during or after the course

Online, ZOOM

September 22 - 8 October 2020

6 classes of 1.5 hours

on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 to 11:30

The program

Day 1. General understanding

  • What is a service? In a broad and narrow sense.

  • Customer life cycle. Laziness and loyalty:  what is common.

  • Customer experience – new name or something bigger?

  • Economics of customer experience: loyalty, lifetime value, cash flow.

  • Loyalty and loyalty programs. Is it possible without them?

  • Client-centricity in B2B. Why is it so difficult?


CX business impact calculation template.

Independent work

Assess the extent of CX's influence in your company.

Day 3. Innovations for the client

  • Service design. 7 cases of solving business problems.

  • The Customer journey is a tool and a cargo cult.

  • Does the customer know what he wants? _Cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  • Business models and organizational structure as tools of empathy in B2B.

  • All people are different: the personalities of the users

  • Corporations have a head start in front of startups. How to use?

  • Rapid prototyping. From design to implementation


Bank, retail, B2B service.


Template of the description of innovation in the company

Independent work

  • Identify key customer paths in the company.

  • Describe a customer-centric initiative.

Day 5. Customer Experience Team (CEM)

  • Necessary competencies of team members and where to look for them.

  • The place of the CEM team in the organizational structure of the company: on the example of B2B, retail, service organizations.

  • How to evaluate the work of the CEM team. Why is NPS a bad metric?

  • Working with consultants: what to do yourself, and where do you need an assistant?


Retail, B2B service.


  • Typical organizational structure of CEM.

  • Requirements for candidates.

Independent work

  • Enter CEM in the organizational structure of your company.

Day 2. Measure,  improve,  evaluate


  • The main formula of the service.

  • Why complaints are not an evaluation of the service.

  • NPS, CES, CSI, FCR:  what metrics are correct?

  • From measurement to correction:  how to motivate colleagues?

  • B2B polls: who, how often, what to do with the answers?

  • Mystery shopper – outdated tool or part of the system?

  • Wow service:  use and harm.



Measurement system in retail and bank.



Checklist "Typical errors in measuring customer experience".

Independent work

Identify errors in the current measurement system

Day 4. Service culture. Internal customer

  • Working with internal and external clients:  what is common and what is the difference?

  • Economics Employee Experience:  where is the money?

  • Ergonomics of business processes:  what prevents and how to fix?

  • Service - talent or craft?

  • B2B sellers:  How to evaluate customer-centricity?

  • Customer-centric indicators (KPIs) for different levels of the company's hierarchy.

  • To be or to appear? Advocacy of client experience.


Bank, digital B2B company.


KPI customer experience. Cascading.

Independent work

  • Create a KPI system for your organization.

  • Identify key cross-functional processes.

Day 6. Client-centric transformation


  • Evolution of the customer experience system in B2B and B2C companies.

  • What were the first steps?

  • What stages do companies go through?

  • What people and competencies are needed at each stage?

  • Effective solutions with minimal investment.

  • Typical errors of client-centric implementation.

  • Client-centric and Agile. What is primary and how to combine?


Mobile operator, bank, cinema network.


  • CEM maturity self-assessment model.

  • Customer experience value template for sales, marketing, IT, HR, finance.

Independent work

  • Assess CEM maturity.

  • Build a CEM roadmap for your company.


Prices are without VAT. Prices in euros are for participants from Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan

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